November 15, 2017


it's november and the cold has hit home. fine with me, as the sun is still warming the air in the afternoons and that let's me go out and run.
as i was visiting my parents yesterday, thea and i left our house when it was still all grey and very fogy. though not for long, the train took us eastwards and out of the fog. it was wonderful to observe and enjoy the change of scenery. of course there is something special about the november fog, but really i do enjoy the afternoon sunshine more. i do really make an effort to go out and work in the garden or as i sad, go and run...
there are lots of potatoes and all kinds of cabbage and kale on the table, cooked, baked, sauteed...
it's the last from out there, and i enjoy the dark greens the most, the so called "dinosaur-kale"

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