November 28, 2017

the christmas cookie making

photos by joel
the whole house was involved with the christmas cookie production yesterday night. it has worked out one more year. i prepared 8 different kinds of cookie dough and we managed to work on seven kinds and finished six of them. as for later tonight, i will be baking the "chräbeli" a kind of anis cookie and tomorrow naomi and thea will help with the "spitzbuben". that one i have not attempted in many years as the dough is very crumbly and the assembling is with jam and at the end a coating of powdered sugar, as you can imagine, a lot of work. but it was on the wishlist and naomi was willing to put in the work, so here we go my friends, please enjoy them!
so far the list includes:
sandele, brunsli, orange/chocolat crowns, walnut rounds, peanut "heaps", spitzbuben, orangenschnittli, gingerspice cookies.

and there will be a few more, on the additions i will let you know in time...

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