November 21, 2017


last night i was at a kombucha workshop. it's all about fermentation and i love that subject, love the food and drink and all there is to know about it. of course we have "sauerkraut" and that in different variations. there are so many slightly different recipies out there for sauerkraut as there are for kimchi. and now i'm up to something new and exciting...
of course i have heard of kombucha and have tasted it, not recently but i remeber that i liked it. it was perfect timing, the "bare ware" store in the city has set up a kombucha workshop and i decided to attend it.
the lady preseting the workshop was very experienced, she learned how to make kombuche from the chinese community in los angeles. an other fun aspect to the workshop, as i lived in the us (though north east). but even there, one of my korean house mates was regularely eating kimchi and i liked the  not supe spicy variety very much. and about the kombucha that too, but now, i decided it's time to start growing my own culture.
now after two hours of instruction and enjoying some umame and cornchips with kombucha in different stages of fermentation, i feel ready.

thank you "bare ware" team, i will stop by to buy some umame from miriam...

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