November 13, 2017

she turned 9

o dear THEA Clare, we sang a loud and joyful happy birthday! for you, as you turned nine yesterday. it was a fun sunday morning with you and the o so longed for sneakers...
such an adventure with you dear thea, lots of laughter, lots of drama be it happy or troublesome, sad or o-so-joyful, we enjoy having you in our family.

starting to celebrate already on saturday, the super cozy dress was a must to wear for the birthday day. and the smarties have been eaten even before breakfast started... it's our thea, she is in with every bit of herself and takes us along on her journey.
all the energy, the exhuberant emotion makes every day so special and an adventure.

thank you Thea for celebrating with us and finding a wonderful end of the celebration too...

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