November 29, 2017

stricktrick and fun with it

it has been a while, since this lamp was put up in our bedroom. it was a lot of fun to do the "stricktrick" cable and decorate the plain electricity cable für my bed side lamp. it has been a craft kit by supercraft and i liked it from the day of arrival, it was really just the planning on my side, to gather a good junk of minutes, and i was all into the wonderful baby alpaca wool.
but now i noticed how much i love it, as it has been in use mor frequently, as the days have grown shorter and colder. cozzying up under a nice warm blanket, with a woolen shoulder wrap is probably the best what can happen to me lately. especially as the days have been full of activity and i need to quiet down in the evenings. i have been bringing a cup of hearbal tea alongside and that just does it. this way i even love winter nights...

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