November 6, 2017

pumpkin soup :: pofta buna

pumpkin season is upon us. all over the kitchen is this wonderfully orange color to be seen, cut and shredded, baked and cooked into deliciouse foods.
this time i made soup, a new kind of soup for me. it was a recipe which called for orange juice and not quiet as much creme as i was using in the past. on top of it all, it was an easy one to memorize, as i asked the chef at the restaurant what the ingredients were. of course he didn't give away the recipe, but he was kind enough to tell me the list of ingredients.
pumpkin, i chose two of my red kuris, their meat is flavorfull and so pretty orange. lots of onions and some minced garlic sauteed in a flavorfull olive oil (maybe the next time i use coconut butter, just for a change). add the pumpkin cubes and keep sauteeing, add curry powder to it, use the kind you like and i added a bit more kurkuma powder. then as much liquid as needed, using for halfe of it vegetable broth and the other half orange juice. after adding the broth, purree the cubes until it's all smooth and then add the orange juice. taste the soupe and add what ever spices, like some salt and nutmeg as well as sea salt until it's a nice strong tasting soup, don't forget at the end a dolup of heavy creame rounds it all up to a nice pumpkin taste with that orange taste you don't usually find in the every day pumpkin-creme-soup...
:: Poftă bună!

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