November 20, 2017

trimming the geranium

before it gets really cold and especially before the deep frost hits and the snow covers everething, i wanted to cut the geranium. in past years i didn't keep them over the winter, but this time, i decided to cut them and put the boxes in the garage.
the geraniums where very nice and kept long into the fall. there was a bit of a down time in august, when it was just too long too dry. after a bit of tender love and care, all the plants recovered.

and now it's time to wait. it will be a long time of just sitting and resting for those plants. my job is to water once every couple weeks, add a bit of natural fertilizer like this one. my parents once handed me a bucket of "fiwo pellets", it's a neat idea, to use what ever possible from the sheeps cut wool. and the production center is a socially contious company, employing people which have not found work for a long time. so when is see my flowers bloom, this makes me smile even more. knowing that there are people being employed and payed a fair salary for doing good work.

but back to the geraniums,
of course i had to keep the last few blossoms, together with the daysies and the last few yellow cherrie tomatoes. i'm not a very succsesfull gardener, but i love it...

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