December 4, 2014

4th of december

photos by joel

as i  have announced, here is our advents window. it was fun to fold and hang and even more to host a little outdoor party tonight.
a few neighbors showed up for carrot soup and marshmallows, yummy! happy adults who like something a bit more hardy like soup and bread and excited kids, roasting their sweet treats. the swiss kids are still not very used to marshmallows. it is something new and some were skeptical about so much sugar and gummy texture...
never the less thea and amos loved them and were as happy as can be.

by the way, the wonderful new addition for this winter, as you can see, is a fire bowl. joel and naomi went to metall werk zuerich and bought this wonderful "thing". we are all very happy to have such a nice and movable fire place. the tripod, which we already use will fit perfectly and no one will have to kneel on the ground anymore to make a fire...

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