December 22, 2014

weekending :: so sweet

4th of advent, a sunday to just be and enjoy. having joels parents over for afternoon coffee and christmas cookies. no other plans just enjoy each other and then, it turned out to be wonderfully warm and sunny for a mid december day.
i did prepare a special dessert, some kind of cheese cake squares with ganache cover. well it was worth the try, everyone loved it. and i'm absolutely sure, that i will make it again in the coming days. it is easy to mix it all up but then the baking just takes long, as i needed to put it in a water bath in the oven for almost an hour, and it has to be absolutely cold (refrigerated) before the ganache can be poured on. it is definitely a dessert which has to be planned and not "lets quickly whip something up". and this is where i got it. i do love smitten kitchen, super nice pictures and working recipes...

the short walk in the neighborhood was perfect, very refreshing and for the kids a good opportunity to get some of that energy out...
the second two pics, by joel

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