December 24, 2014

the day :: christmas eve

it is the time of making merry and sending greetings to loved ones. i was handing some of our gifts out yesterday, some more today and many letters have been mailed.
there are still a few more sitting on my desk to be written...

it is christmas eve today and we will be at church tonight, singing and enjoying the community of christians meeting, to celebrate the birth of jesus christ.
and i'm convinced it doesn't matter, if i was able to send out all the letters or not. it's ok if i'm writing on in the coming days. the words will not be lost, they will be welcomed and loved regardless of the date on the envelope. this keeps me going, and yes i'm loving it.

the kids will be decorating the tree and i will be cooking for the many guests joying us later in the day.
o what a day, so perfect, filled with many traditions and so much joy, expectation and hope.

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