December 17, 2014

lemon :: hearts

in my kitchen there is a lot going on, and there is time to quickly squeeze in some cookie baking. yesterday was the dough making and cutting on the list. before i left the house this morning, i quickly baked the batch of lemon hearts and after my lunch guest left, i glazed the hearts. this is the second time cookies are being "crafted" like this for the past couple days. and for one reason or the other, i kind of like it. as i decided i will not be stressed by baking, but love it and just do it if i feel like baking.

so this really makes me happy and they taste lovely.
it's a very simple recipe, ground hazelnuts, fine sugar, lemon zest and egg whites. so this was quick to whip up and the glazing today was done in a breeze too. i'm sure they will not last long, but a box full will be put aside for dessert at christmas eve.

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