December 30, 2014

stitching :: fun & free

lately there has been some stitching going on, i discovered it, as being very creative. not following any given pattern, but jsut doing what i want, the way i want.
the first one got started, as thea wanted to stitch something. we picked a flowery fabric and started to stitch the flowers, just plain wild and free the way she wanted, here you can see the moment when it all started.
then there has been that piece of fabric elias painted a couple years ago. i loved it and knew right then, that i would want to do something with it. so here it is, yellow paint and orange french knots. the one on the right has been the "over christmas" handy craft i was enjoying. as there was so much sitting and chatting, eating desserts and watching the snow, i had my hands happily stitching. it's a patterned fabric and the stitches where just chosen randomly. what ever i felt like doing...

i will be stitching some more...

though what it will be is not known to me. as next is a little knitting project, i'm casting on with a very yummy kind of mohair wool.

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