December 29, 2014

celebrating :: joyfully

we celebrated christmas with many friends and almost all extended family members. so many wonderful moments were to enjoy over the course of the past few days.
starting out at our house, and going to church, singing with the childrens choir on the 24th, listening to the church choir and some wonderful string music on the 25th. lighting the candles out of doors with joels family, lots of laughter and many happy children jumping and running. singing and being together in the presence of God.
heading on to visit my family later in the day, it was a bit of a long day, but rather wonderful. more joy and knowing full well, that jesus was born into this world, to heal and safe the lost and broken. this made it such a special day.

and of course there was work to be done the day after, when the celebrating was over. at least kind of subsiding into the background, then there has to be brought in some more wood, to keep the bathtub warm behind the house. we were able to slow down, and read, stitch and be still. go for a walk and sit in the hot tub and chat and discuss what ever wanted to be discussed. hours of peace and joy and laziness...

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