December 15, 2014

today :: advent

done with the painting of this room and thanks to joel who has done the painting. i was just taping the windows shot as well as taking all the fixtures away. and after all the painting, including the sealing, i took the carpet out and by the end of this week, there will be even a new floor put in.
really not such a big deal, but an ordeal.

it's one of the community rooms, so by the beginning of the new year, we welcome a new person into our house at birkengarten. it is an exciting day, every time a new person is moving in. and on the other hand, most often sad when a person is moving on. so we have been fortunate about the folks living with us in the house, it has been a consistent group for almost a year now.

on an other note, if i'm not posting as frequently as in usual, there is a lot going on in this time of advent. i have decided, that blogging should be fun and not stressful to me. so maybe i'm just to much living the days as i'm willing to sit down to write...

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