December 16, 2014

schoggi :: spiel

well, this looks silly to you, and it was very silly for all of us. and lots of fun too.
we played the "schoggispiel". a bar of chocolate is wrapped in a news paper and maybe even a few more layers of wrapping, when ever a person is rolling a six with a die, that person gets to unwrap the chocolate and eat.
of course it's not that simple. to everyone's enjoyment, the person has to put on a hat, gloves or mittens, a scarf and glasses. when all this is at it's proper place, the person then, is allowed to start opening the package and maybe start eating the chocolate with fork and knife. as you might wonder, it is a tedious undertaking and fun for all, especially if it's a nice bar of chocolate, and everyone would want a bite!

that's what we "played" tonight.

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