December 8, 2014

advent :: moments of gratitude

our evenings during advent are spent just as a family, moments of singing and story telling. it's rare to be just the six of us. after dinner, we go up stairs and close the door behind us. i carry a big pitcher of hot spiced cider, sometimes it's hot cocoa, something we all like and most often a sweet treat. it is special, just the 24 days leading up to christmas, the season of advent. full of expectation and we also decided to learn about being grateful. the big gratitude thing has been on my heart for a while. and yes we have so many opportunities and our life is full of celebrating gratitude, lets train and focus on them.
we do not have to close our eyes on the sad and wrong things that happen, or we encounter in our own lives. but thankfulness changes our attitude a lot, and i for myself have experienced, how much more fully lived my life feels, when i'm grateful.

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