December 23, 2014

frost :: the lace this morning

i was outside this morning, a quick ride to friends. just quick, though it took me a bit longer, as i had to stop and take the camera out. the morning sun was strong and brilliant, and so was the frost in the rather shady places. places where the sun is not reaching, maybe hasn't reached for a couple days...
such beauty needs to be seen and observed and enjoyed.
a couple moments, some pictures and a few more moments of pure joy and praise to the creator God.

such detail, even the simple bent and dried leafs and stalks of straw are dressed with lace.
i will try to come back and think of such beauty, if life will cover me with it's speed and frenzy. i will be still. even if it's just a moment or two, still i will be before the Lord. still to remember.

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