May 23, 2016

a leisur sunday afternoon

those are definitely some of the best times. hang around the garden, loving the quiet and being, just being. no program, no planned party, good weather and having someone else prepare food!
joel had the bright idea, of getting the mini grill out...
amos immediately caught fire and the two of them were all into grilling. sausages were quickly put on the "pins" and it did not take very long for him to call for them to be ready. a wonderful local beer, some corn chips and seasonal veggies were on the menu. just finger foods and that is perfect with all of us. no dish washing after lunch... that's one thing thea specifically likes, eating with her hands, getting to it, without having to tinker with utensils!

and for a second course or rather calling it dessert, were grilled bananas, o so very yummy!

there was lots of talking, and a bit later the grandparents showed up for coffee and mid second desserts... well we all have a sweet tooth and so, no one minded that third course.

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