May 16, 2016

apple blossom

we had all kind of weather over the long weekend. and the photos are not from the past two day, as the apple blossom are gone by now. mostly gone i have to say, some late kinds of apples are still in bloom, but our tree is definitely "gone". it was a wonderful time and hearing the bees buzz was a big pleasure to me. here now, just the photos, all else is memory.

we had slow days and that was very good, i'm still resting a lot, as i'm not absolutely recovered from the cold i got 2 weeks ago. i'm still drinking thyme and sage tea, slippery elm and gurgle salt water, inhale eucalyptus vapor and eat a light diet. my family is very understanding and so i just keep a low profile in and around the house. amos is back from a four day camp over the weekend, very happy, very tired and i really miss elias. he is in the us, a student exchange for three weeks. and to add a perk, we were able to schedule a week in boston for him. we are all happy for him to be able to visit friends and places where he started to venture about before he turned ten.l

spring is still in full swing, lots of rain has been dumped on us last week and we look forward to sunnier weather again. maybe we will get some.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Lovely photos!! I'm looking out my window and staring at a bush with very similar flowers. Such a pretty time of the year, isn't it? xo

~ Wendy