May 12, 2016

tomatoes and friendship

i'm now sick in bed, not getting really better, just feeling so very tired. i cant swallow and have stuffed up sinuses well, it must be a very bad case of a spring cold. i don't remember having been down for so long, it's now just about 12 days, with sunday feeling good and well taking a hike with thea. anyway it is what it is and i relish the look at those pictures. thea helped me to pot the tomato seedlings. we have white cherry, black cherry and a cherry ample tomato. there a some flowers mixed in as well as a dozen cotton plants. the cotton is only thought of as a trial and houseplant. no i don't start a cotton farm soon, far be it from that. i got the seed, from a fair trade sock dealer and liked the idea of trying to grow some plants.

it was a sunny day, a wonderful afternoon and the plants seem to really like their new bigger homes. most of them will be given away, as i'm not having the space and ideal location for tomatoes. the first three plants went to a friend, she brought me soup and i handed her what i had to trade. that's what i enjoy, receiving and giving, bartering and enjoying the skills of others.

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