May 24, 2016

flower boxes

it has gotten late this year, very lat, usually i planted the flower boxes by the end of April or the first week of May. But this year i got sick and all of a sudden i was not able to keep any of my plans in line. the to do list grew and my strength has not fully come back. but i went to the weekly market into town and bought wonderful plants. on satruday i was planting and loved it. it is definitely one of my favorite spring time activities.
a first for this years planters, i mixed the flowers with a herb in each box. so there is lots of geranium, some simple leavy hangers, dill, oregano and verbena and i'm looking forward to the way the plants are growing and either loving the mix or die. it sounds a bit sad but i guess that might be the case. i did not a lot of research but rather just bought what i liked and felt like would fit.

by the way, the tomato plants are doing fine and i will plant them in the big pots next weekend, if the temperatures will permit.

while i was planting, joel put up a brand new chicken fence and it looks good. much stronger then the first one and also a bit higher, iti's 120cm this time, with a kind of wiggly top part, this should keep the fox from climbing it. so far we have not had the chickens out just within the fenced area. they are still being carried out to the smaller wire mesh guinea pic cage. we are looking forward to them being big enough to roam on their own.

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