May 4, 2016

climbing the steeple

it was the trip into the city, which accidentally led thea and me up many steps...
we have not planned to do sight seeing at all, but sometimes it just grabs one and holds on tight. this happened today, and we just went with it, into the "stadtkirche" up many  steps, first onto the ceiling (see above, where the guide was lifting a trapdoor, and we looked down 24meters into the "ship", wow just great and i still had a hard time believing what we were doing so very surprising to me, on a sight seeing tour in my own city.

on we went, up some more steps up the belfry, encountering the smaller three bells of the church. the bigger two bells are hung in the south belfry.

the views were breath taking and just wonderful, across the old church plaza. a bit wider range was the old city, including some very new buildings like the archhöfe as well as the far away yellow rapeseed field.... and the last picture is toward our area of the city, the church in the middle of the last picture is close to our house (about 5k away from the church steeple the pic is taken from). on the picture not visible, but we did see the mountains, still snow covered well. it's spring and i love it!

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I remember the excitement of visiting Riverside Church in Manhattan on a school trip as a child. We had to make it to the top and back within a certain amount of time or else the bells would ring and hurt our ears. Haha!! Looking back, I realized it was a timed tour but then it was a contest to "beat the clock." : ) Your photos are lovely. Have a wonderful weekend!! xo

~ Wendy