May 25, 2016


ideas come and ideas float, ideas go and pop up again. it so happened with baking and things to make in our house. naomi is a maker and loves to cook. baking has been more of amos domain. never mind, we all love to eat and share food with each other.
and so it happen, that naomi got all the ingredients ready, the recipe on the counter on saturday night, that she would be ready for baking and serving warm pop overs on sunday morning.

and so it happened, without me even having to get up and running, the pop overs turned out wonderfully warm and popping. a tweak in the recipe didn't bring them to fall. an encouragement for the baker to make them again.

such experiences are great. preparing food for friends, for family or anyone else and seeing how the people love what one prepared is such a strong emotion. i love it and i'm sure anyone else would too. at least naomi was super happy and brought a basket full over to her friends house.

get started cooking and baking, it's a booster for self esteem!

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