May 2, 2016

granite in the garden

a bit over a week ago, we got a bunch of men together to transport two slabs of granite from "behind the chicken coop" to the opposite part of our "behind the house". as we needed to get the area ready for a new chicken fence. the plan is to get chicks this week and when they are ready, have a new good fence, to keep the predator "mister fox" out and away of our chickens.

it was quiet a bit of man power needed, those slabs were super heavy...
one of the slabs we put onto two big stones and this way, we have a new bench for many people to sit by the fire. the second slab has not found it's calling yet, suggestions are floating around. the call for a "beam" put upright, to mount one end of a hang-mock is an idea, just for looks in the middle of the garden an other suggestion.... still debating and when anything is ready to really take off, we will run with the project.

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