May 3, 2016

a week at camp...

some of the kids and myself, we spent a week at kids camp from our church. it was a week long camp in the mountains, up at melchtal, ow. it was a wonderful week, with snow, sunshine and good times playing sports, reading the bible and crafting. we went on a longish hike and had plain fun to be together. wonderfully delicious meals were served and there was lots of love and many friendships being started.

we came by the highest covered bridge in europe, on the way from kerns to flueli ranft, it is astonishing to look down into the gorge, 100m to the bottom. a few wonderful details, like that carved beam, yes it it absolutely worth a visit, wonderful hiking country and at the heart of switzerland..

as i'm at home now, still full of all the impressions and with kids around me still on vacation and keeping last week alive as it was, just better. lots of little details appear, which i have not noticed or realized they were happening.
i feel a bit under the weather and need a lot of sleep...
so, no more words, i'm going to bed early!

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