May 26, 2016

stitching with liberty

i started on this hoop long just about a year ago. yes some projects take long and even longer and they are still fun and exciting. this one with the wonderful liberty of london fabrics is one of them.
it has traveled with me to many places. and never was i working for multiple hours on it, more like a few stitches here, a few more there. finally a month ago i was ordering the big hoop,
that was an other thing i didn't plan. the piece grew and outgrew my available hoops, so i had to order a bigger size, then forgot to pick it up at the store. an other week later they called and this was it. i picked it up and didn't put it down until the work was done and happily hung up next to my other creative stitching projects. all somewhat small and done with scraps and ideas growing while working.

now, i'm starting to think of an other summer craft...
any ideas out there?

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