May 31, 2016

pearls for the birthday

my sister in law had her 40th birthday and we planned a little visit late at night, leaving our kids at home in bed.....
of course thea had to craft something for her aunt and it was clear what she wanted before i could even think of anything. "mama may i get the beads out?" and there we were sitting at the tray with beads. i had to thread the needle and off she was, sorting and threading, designing and adjusting. i absolutely love the result and felt like, i wanted to keep the jewelry made by my daughter.
but of course not! it is specifically for aunt t, as one turns only once 40. and so we carried the present along and made the aunt happy late at night once more, as she has had lots of visitors, lots of presents and lots of love being poured out all day long. yes, and that is, what birthdays are all about, isn't it!

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

What a lovely necklace your daughter made for her auntie. I definitely would've been tempted to keep it as well!! :) xx

~ Wendy