June 2, 2016

automated shutter

the chickens have grown so much, they are doing well and love to go out of the coop on their own. for right now, this is perfect, lots of digging and scratching. so much to discover and mostly, one can see, how much they love their freedom of movement. running, almost taking off with their wings flapping and sunbathing must be a chickens leisure and enjoyment.

joel has been thinking of an automated coop shutter, for a long time, a very long time. finally things fall into place, the recovered motor (4 years ago) from an abandoned shooting range is exactly what is being upcycled and put to good use again.
all kinds of little things like a "raspberry pi" switches and wires, springs and lots of creativity. joel programmed the shutter control and is now able to close and open the coop from his celly.... not that i'm that eager, but of course this is handy. i'm all for, not giving the fox a heads up, on an open coop shutter. and last night i heard the marten run on our roof, so it is important to be able to close that shutter and keep the chickens safe in the coop.
as i'm not too keen on operating the shutter with a phone or computer, he was so kind, to install a switch right outside on the coop.
i'm sure there will be lots of fun and great excitement to open and close our chicken coop...

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