June 16, 2016


as the veggies have been delivered since mid march, i stepped up and started putting in some hours too. the deal with this veggie share is, that each member puts in 12 hours. this is really not a lot, but it has to be added into my calendar....
as a couple years ago, when i went with the kids to help pack the baskets, this time i went on my own and helped christine with the packing. it is super fun and wonderful to see all the veggies being piled up in crates and after two hours the 100 or so baskets are filled and ready to be delivered to the depots in the city.

there will be more hours of work to be done, though maybe i'm able to get joel to come along and some of the kids too, and we will be able to plant, pull weeds or harvest beans.
the highlight for this days work was, that we packed some wonderfully big garlic bulbs. i remember when i put the garlic in the ground last fall! isn't that just about as good as it can get, i think so!

this are a few products, the gmuesabo is running a little shop on the farm they work. it's very simple, but i have been able to also order some of those specialties for myself or for a friend. local and seasonal as well as carefully crafted.

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