June 27, 2016

ICAD :: week 4

this is the first four days of the week....
as it was prompted to use ink, gel pens,  pattern, precision, it struck me as very fitting to give the idea of feathers a try. as i was running a week ago and observed lots of birds, swinging up into the sky, a big red tail hawk swooping right over my head and finding a few small feathers strewn on the path, it was the one thing i knew would be good for me to try drawing.
it was a good little exercise and turned just about as i expected it. it was a bit of a challenge to get started and find the right lines, the right groove, but then it just got better from there on.

the second halve of the week was abstract, not much thinking and trying, doodling and enjoying. no work no goal really, just laying low and letting my fine liners do what they wanted.

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