June 14, 2016

ICAD week 2

and this was week 2 i chose to use the thematic prompts and love to just be inspired with what i find on my desk, around my desk and in the drawers and files popping up in my mind.
it has been an interesting week, as i love maps, but usually don't create anything with them. rather study and go for hikes, use them in real live. being creative with the idea of maps diagrams etc. taking the aquarelle paints and do something with them too... cluing and reusing the old ticket etui has been fun too. it feels a bit like recycling or even better upcycling!

i keep making and have already had a good start into this weeks making. and i want to take a moment to listen to "the creative mom podcast" by oamyoamy. this podcast has been with me for many years. the boys still look up and smile, when they hear the theme music... "books to love....."
well take a look or even better start listening and enjoy.

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