June 21, 2016

brownies and free range

on a rainy day, be it in winter as well as today, supposedly in the middle of summer.....
never the less, dessert was welcome today!

as simple as a batch brownies with walnuts.
what else is there to say about today; i was in school all day and the kids too. though the girls had the afternoon off, and visited extended family. they absolutely loved the change of scenery, having lunch served at a different place then home is exciting. and i realized, naomi as well as thea are very independent. taking the train on their own after morning school and going to swimming class late in the afternoon, all on their own. we all arrived just about at the same time at home shortly before six, and were all three very happy to see each other.
of course we planned this day together and i wrote a little time table for them, to make the train. though i was a bit nervous, but all for nothing, and good so.

and yes to free range parenting, even more then ever!

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