June 9, 2016

a glimps

there has been that birds nest in our garden, right above the door under the roof, just above our heads... it was built by a pair of "hausrotschwänze" in english they are called redstart. though when i look at pictures, they seem a bit different.
we had a lot of fun to watch the birds grow and then all of a sudden, after the garden fest we had 10 days ago, no one was around anymore. it was uncertain, if the 4hours of garden fest, with lots of people in the garden had prevented the parents to feed their young... we thought the baby birds dead. and then two days ago, joel took down the nest, and it was a happy sight, it was an empty nest, so the birds must have left before we were thinking of them being ready.

and you know what, just yesterday those little birds started constructing a new nest, at the same spot, just one beam over! this is wonderful.

in front of the house is my garden box, and all those pretty snapdragons, i love them and this year they do well. its still the same plants as last year. i guess the warm winter was providing a good head start! just lovely.

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