June 6, 2016

ICAD week 1

it's all in progress and going on, having fun and working on some index cards. inspired by ICAD 2016, i got inspired to get creative, just a bit, every day for 60 days starting june 1st. so here we are the first week already passed and i have fun.
i do take some prompts but just as a kicker to get started, the last week was about lists and typewriter, at least that's what prompted me....
it has been good to get the water paints out, some fine markers and of course the mechanical typewriter, which amos uses regularly has been wonderful. and then there has been a book, it's "Einbruch der Wirklichkeit" by Kermani Navid, a book about the refugees trekking through europe, written just a few months ago and illustrated with photos by moises saman.

not that i tried to take it that far, but i was thinking a lot about the text and somehow came up with painting holes or maybe air bubbles..... breathing space.

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Andrea said...

WOW, die Karten sind so schön, spricht mich sehr an!