June 8, 2016

our space

what to say, this is my work space....
i'm very well aware of it being packed and not very well lit at night (though that has changed very recently). and as i look onto this picture i'm keenly aware of the boys missing violin. that has also changed last monday, elias is back and making music again!

it's our family office, the space where most family matters take place inside the house. lots of creative thoughts getting started and being discussed, talked further and developed. it is a space in the house, where the kids feel at home and love to work, even though it gets kind of packed and a bit crowded, if all six of us are thinking and doing and making and feeling creative. sometimes a bit loud, when elias is taking his violin out, and playing along his music (that's when the cat leaves the room)

never the less, this room is giving us the family as well as the personal space each of us needs and loves, within the bigger part of the community house. it is somehow very private, which sounds strange to people who live in big houses and are used to their own rooms. we are used to call it private and intimate, if we are in our family-office, and this seems the case, even if the door is wide open...

and that fact of the open door, is one of my passions (i guess, being a people person does do that to me)

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