June 22, 2016

sunday dress

our little thea was growing out of her sunday dress, and if you ask me, i was happy about it, as it was a wonderful velvet, bordeaux layered dress. it was too short and she was able to wear it until now, as we had a really cold and wet spring. better say until today it was rather april weather then summer, at all!
so this dress makes it's appearance just on time...
thea picked the fabric, out of my closet and she was super happy about the white of it. of course i would not have chosen such a light colored fabric, it will show every bit of dirt and and stain so super easy. well it was her choice and i ran with it. though then the next trick, it was not enough fabric to cut the pattern just the right way, but your really don't see it too well, the bodice is up side down....
and at the end i had to attach a little lace to the bottom, but of course this little frill is absolutely to the girls enjoyment. it also had to have a zipper in the back, no button at all! that was the request.
i got the pattern F from the "girls style book", by yoshiko tsukiori and h.h.

and here we are, with the wet hair and the first moment of happyness!
i call myself blessed.

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