June 28, 2016

the weather view


it felt epic, standing on the balcony at my parents and looking over the valley, into the big gray rain clouds. so much where we anticipating the wind and the rain, which was supposedly coming.
a wonderful spectacle to watch and enjoy the movement of all the clouds, the change of light and even the gift of a rainbow (hanging on the crane....)

those hours on the weekend were great and totally enjoyable. while enjoying a little dinner, knowing we were safe and even if it would rain hard, stay dry, was the perfect start into the weekend.
it just got better from there. as we were expecting rain and more of it to be poured on us, we had some rain in the at night and a bit more into early sunday morning. and then as the day got older, we even lit a fire to grill sausages. much better weather than i have expected, and much better than the past 5 weeks.
may it stay so and finally summers heat is arriving!

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