August 24, 2017

bare feet

summer is in it's last swing, the nights are already cool again. still i love to run around bare fee, short skirts and sleeveless tops, though some cardigans are already coming out again. it has been a warm and wonderful time. i really enjoyed the past weeks and feel strengthened and rejuvenated after week we spent in friesland as a family. lots of rest and do nothing. time to read and forget all the tasks, the lists and chores for a moment. though i'm also glad to be back home. standing in the middle of life and back in the middle of all the people and relationships which make me so rich.
it has been a smooth transition and the community life is treating me well. living in a big household, i learned again, is a wonderful thing. baking bread, cooking and organizing a household of 13 people is exciting. i'm glad to have this passion of mine discovered again. it was put on the back burner and i have it experienced more as a big chore than anything else over the past 7 months. school has taken up a lot of time and of course the household has to be run. often i realize now, i just skipped chores and then it caught up with me and swamped me the next day or coming week. but having just two school days until mid october and teaching just one course this semester a class of 4th graders every second week for 3h seems much more managable.

yup, i'm here and i stand firm. loving life and embracing all of it, with the daily dose of still and contemplation, with the reading of God's word and the disciplin to look after myself.

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