August 29, 2017

scrubbing and enjoying it

 it has become part of my "end of summer" things to do. scrubbing the pool. we really enjoyed it all summer long. from the day we set it up in mid june until we came back from holland. lots of people enjoyed a swim or splash now and then. one house mate has been in the water almost every day, with some exceptions, when it stormed, rained or we had lightning and thunder...
it has served us well. not me really, as i'm absolutely no water person, i have not jumped in once. but i also don't mind it too much, to do just the cleaning. it is a couple hours of scrubbing and yes it is kind of hard labor, but it is also fun and this year, joel, thea and amos helped a lot. the weather also was perfect for clean up. i could plan the work well and work on it over the course of three days, which really made it easy and doable without having to work to long at once.

with the pool being packed up and put into storage in our garage, officially summer is done. but you know what, summer is still here. i love it and savor every moment of it very much!

work goes on, right now i'm in the coffee brewing business as we have a hand full of guys working on the roof. rather say, taking down the roof, taking out the roof windows and replacing beams. insulating it all and within the coming 10 days, we should have new tiles up there, keeping the rain out.

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