August 7, 2017

black berries

the black berries are delicious this year. unlike last year, when they were very sour, so mostly the chickens enjoyed them. not so this year... of course the chickens would love to eat all of them regardles of taste. they jump and fly up to the berries, even the little chickens are flying.

over the past week i was able to put two containers filled with that delicious, juicy blackness. a good helping has been put in a "bircher-müsli" for dinner and some more is beeing eaten by me and everyone else stopping by the brambles near the pool.
it is absolutely to joel's enjoyment, that the brambles are so close to the pool. as he is spending a few moments and some more time than really wanting to, near the pool. there is the pump and chlorine, the ph level and all other little things needing checking and taking care of. so it's not more then right, that the blackberries are one of his favorite summer treats.

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