August 30, 2017

under construction I

there is a lot going on on our roof these days. more tha half of the roof shingles are taken down so far and insulation is being mounted. the old windows are taken out and will be replaced with new ones. we were expecting to find badly damaged wood beams, so far so good. the finds were better than we could hope for.

 this hornets nest is 2/3s of a yard in diameter. you can't really appreciate it, as i had to take the photo on the roof, through a little gap in the "under roof". we might be able to take it out later, when the eastern part of the roof is taken down. if this is so, i will show you a picture to see it in comparison.

and then lots and lots of wasp nests. they all were abandond (likely because of the hornets). it takes my breath away to see how those little animals make their house. such wonderful construction and perfectly hidden from any predetors...

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