August 31, 2017

under construction II

as i promised, the workers take that great hive out of it's "cave". it is a huge hive, and as we did a bit of research, hornets build hives with up to 12 levels. they also spread toward the sides, if the place allows it. in that regard, it is just a normal sized hornets hive. amazing to see and once more we enjoy the beauty of nature up close. the nest is for the moment being in the garage, and of course the kids are showing it to their friends. and i think, what a wonderful thing it is to share this little bit of nature with all the people coming and going at our house.

and then there is the painter. up there on the scafolding sanding and working hard. all this in the heat of over 80F. we are still not used to such heat and especially not if the humidity is high too. but the past two days were like that and i served water and ice creme to the workers, to keep them happy and working.
it is better today, much better, but the air cooled down because of the rain. yup rain, and that is what really is not needed and not wanted at all for this kind of work...

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