August 21, 2017

friesland on the boat I

traveling to holland, more precise to friesland by train was the first challenge. the swiss rail way system almost failed us... but it didn't, as the conducter of the 11 o'clock train from basel to köln took petty on us, knocking on the door of her train, she opened it up again, even 5 minutes after it should have left the station in basel! and we gladly hopped on. other wise we would have stayed for the first night of our vacation at the train station in basel, unplanned and unwanted...

arriving in sneek and taking the long walk to the warf where we could check in on the boat was not all without grumbling. but we quickly forgot all the hard work to arrive on the boat and call it ours for 6 days. a wonderful moment to just be and take it all in. elias and joel got a 2h instruction on all of it and off we went. all seemed a bit out of my regular world and a new knitting project in hand... the fairy dust

spectacular landscapes. it is all flat, just plain flat and green! so new to me, so much sky to see and growing up in switzerland, having lived 12 years in the new england area, it is just so very different. and i could not get enough, the fastness of it all, the green pastures, the sheep and cows, the channels and just all of it. so special to me. all the bridges, under and over high ways...
especially that slauerhoffbrug outside leeuwaurden.

and impressive windmills, not just historic ones, but many modern electricity generating wind turbines belong to the landscape of friesland.

the evenings with such fast horizons were fantastic. the weather was still warm enough, so we enjoyed many hours on deck, reading, playing and just enjoying. moments of still and dusk covering me with beauty and awe.

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