August 23, 2017

fairy dust

the first fairy dust cardigan has been so delightful to knit. quick as the baby is to be born soon... her mama has been ready for a couple weeks already, but she seems to take her time and is in no hurry. fine with me, as i had no rush and could enjoy every stitch of it.
i had planned this little project to get underway by mid july, but could just not cast on until we were settled on the boat last week.
i was a bit nervouse, but it worked all out. by now, the not yet arrived little one even has a name. we are all so excited and can hardly wait to welcome her in our neighborhood.

anyway, we are back home, the buttons are sewn on and all the threads taken care of. i like the look and am especially fond of the baby alpaca which i added on the bottom and the end of the sleeves. i know the baby will like it and chew it all up. and that is exactly what it is for, to love this little cardigan and be worn out until it's gone.

there has been a second one on my needles, while on the boat. a soft pink one, in the size for a one year old. and no i don't have anyone girl in my mind to give it to, but certainly there will be one when ever the buttons are added and i'm in the mood to cast on the next...

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Alicia said...

Beautiful sweater! We love seeing the vacation photos, especially seeing how lanky Amos has gotten! I have never been to Holland, it looks like a really great trip. Alexa is home from her circus tour now, so we are resting & preparing for school to begin Sep 7th. Love to you all!