August 8, 2017

dip dye

we are in the middle of summer brake and amos is coming up with all kinds of ideas. he has been working a summer job for the last two weeks. he has it all set up very nicely, and it turned out that he was much faster then the companie was planning. so his bike carier job was usually before noon and he had all afternoon to get into skate boarding as well as all his books.

an other idea popt up, doing a few different things with fabric dye.
one project was done with a print and uv activated paints. the other one is a dip dye coloring process. this kind he worked with a couple t-shirts as well as one of my kitchen towls. and a day later he dyed an other shirt, no pictures of that one. it has been dipped vertical, and i can tell you, it does look good and that color, a strong olive is really nice.

there is more to come, as amos also bought an ultra marine...

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