August 9, 2017

fixing the keyboard

fixing the 25 year old keyboard was scheduled two weeks ago, after joel ordered the nessecary pieces, in turkey. this seems to me helpful and recources saving service, the internet makes possible, with it's global trade, share and information.

those plastic parts (some kind of hammers) of the roland have been slowely braking down and one tone after an other got silent with the braking appart. that's normal to plastic pieces, of course i was aware of this. but still it seems strange, that a perfectly fine keyboard is aging this way. we also have had a broken piano in our household, regular stand up which had it's soundboard split appart, because of humidity and heat. and that one really could not be fixed anymore. in that respects, it seems easy to replace a few plastic hammers....

joel and amos had quickly taken appart the piano and replaced the broken parts. and yes it was a quick project, i was surprised. taking the needed parts appart and out and putting the new parts in place within a few minutes. and it all wroks again perfect!
now it is a much more joyful making music again, by at least a hand full of people in the house.

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