February 26, 2015

10 blocks :: play along

that's what we did today, a wonderful game of moving bits and pieces around. i already had the stripes in place, but they still left some room to play with. as well as a few more colorful stripes i added. it just felt to white and a bit boring to be thea's quilt.
yes that's what she decided, the 10 block quilt will become hers.

the part i like best, at least for now, is the long pieced stripe in the lower 3rd. i had the idea two days ago, to add a bit something different and straight, but not plain.

as i was sewing the larger stripes onto each other, it turned out, that i wasn't very exact when i was piecing them, each single one. but that's fine with me. i never planned the quilt to be exactly one way, the way i work is rather organic and i just go along with what i have and think will work well.

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