February 16, 2015

last week

this lets you peek into our last weeks winter vacation at adelboden. we had a wonderful everyday sun and super snow week. skiing was a dream, even i went for two days, after telling everyone that i will not ski this year. two days was perfect, not just the weather and the snow but i was in such good and fun company, it could not have been better. thank you r and thank you to all my kids!
as you might have noticed, joel broke his arm, right there at the wrist, on tuesday afternoon. and  you can't really see this, but he also still shows a blue green eye and a few more scratches on his forehead. over all he seems to heal well, we know more on wednesday when the specialist will have a good look.

lots of reading, and even that was done on the balcony of our chalet. sitting, sipping a cup of tea and enjoying a treat. i read through two books and was hiking on two days. one day i went for a run and really it could not have been more pretty along the brook toward "unter dem birg" and all under a thick wonderful white blanket. we already decided, we will be back next year!

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