February 23, 2015

the upcycled bottle

amos has been in need of a pencil case for a good long while. his dream case would have been a "freitag" cheyenne one, though that one would have cost him an arm and a leg...
so he was still carrying around his broken zippered fabric roll-case.
the situation happen while we were on vacation and bought some salad dressing (on usual days i never buy dressing....) and what to do with such a cute bottle... either bring it to the recycling bin or upcycle it! and that's what i ended up doing...

1. cut it
2. clean it well
3. punch a row of holes with a strong pin
4. cut a zipper in the correct length, fold in half and file in the "sled"
5. start sewing it to the bottle
6. sew it to the lid
7. finish it all off and fill in contents - all done -

and yes the boy was super happy with it, i kind of feel like i want to do some more of those, but am hesitant to just go out and buy pet bottles...
no i will not and just wait until the next time a small pet bottle is showing up in our house, i'm sure that moment will happen.... even as all of us are consciences shoppers.


Alicia said...

How wonderful!!! We love to see your creativity at work, D.

susan said...

That is amazingly clever! What a great way to up cycle a pastic bottle and make something so useful at the same time.