February 2, 2015

as white as snow :: sunday

it was sunday and we woke up to a wonderful white world.
as i couldn't bring myself to go for a run early in the day, i went later on. the sun was not out anymore and it was snowing and windy. why didn't i go early! never mind, it was still fun to go out and enjoy the white world.
but we all enjoyed breakfast in the kitchen, i can say, sunbathing, it was awesome and so good. sitting around the kitchen table with the whole family a some friends and enjoying a fresh slice of sweet bread. home made jam and delicious honey, i could go on, as i was just soaking up all of it.
getting ready for church and we often do struggle not get on each others nerves, when everyone needed to quickly use the bathroom and the girls don't know which coat to wear and what ever else. but yesterday was nothing of that kind, but plain good spirit and enjoying to go out there to the unplowed streets, walk up to the church and enjoy the singing and reading and listening.

to God be the Glory!

photos by joel

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